¡El único bombardeo que viene en son de paz! The only bombing that brings peace!

Here it comes... the only bombing that brings peace! In our LR independent republic we also have ten commandments, among them I highlight these two: "Remember the holy days" and "Love bomber jackets above all" (We will think about the rest).

With the end of winter (am I being too optimistic?), we welcome the season of the year in which we like wearing and showing different types of fabric and prints with the unique LR signature!

Because I guess we agree on this: when Pilar Palomero wears LR, you notice that! We will dress her Goya awards if she wants!

And if you also wear LR, everybody notices!

pilar Palomero con la Bomber Reversible LR

 It is even better (forgive me, my sweatshirts) if the garment you wear is one of my customized two-sided bomber jackets, the star of my collection!

And besides ... (drum roll) ...

I just launched an exclusive PRE-ORDER for two-sided Bombers, and what does this mean?

It is a win to win, you help me with a concrete and sustainable production, in which I do not generate stock, and I will help you and thank you for your patience and trust with a special price, free shipping, and ... A surprise gift that I will make for you.

The PRE-ORDER will take place from March 15 to 25, (both included).

Oh, my dear bomber jacket! How could I not love it? To start, it is like having two instead of only one!

I repeat, it is a two-sided jacket.

You turn it inside out and you have another jacket! (Just in case it was necessary to explain it... you never know how far from the 80s you are, haha)

Don't you love this type of garments? They are not easy to find, but once you get one of them, it turns into something unique. They are so generous! So sustainable, in fact (you know that it is one of my obsessions, and I want it be everybody's).

Choosing between one fabric or another every day is... like a seduction game for me! What would I feel like? Insinuating without showing, keeping the beauty inside... or letting the colours explode giving up to the importance of those fabrics which were used to living as secondary options?

Dressing smartly and formal one day, and exotic and originally the next one?

Do you think you will have fun when you have to choose what side to wear your bomber jacket? Of course, you will, but fun starts now: choosing your inside and outside fabrics among all these:

1. For the outside

you have organic raspberry cord fabric, black serge fabric, navy blue waffle fabric and the new organic denim (light blue).

And the best of all this...

2. For the inside

You can choose among a lot of styles, flowers, geometric shapes and some Japanese fabrics. I must confess that oriental prints were the ones which gave the idea of creating the two-sided bomber jackets with these interesting linings. I started using them when a friend of mine travelled to Japan and she brought a wonderful fabric.

That may be your case and we can use your fabric to give your bomber jacket a special touch! In my opinion, everything that gives a special meaning to the garment is wonderful.

One day, I will tell you why I chose the fabrics I chose and that I continue choosing in little places, real or virtual, (like this amazing web https://japonerias.com/blog/motivos-graficos-japoneses-tradicionales/). Until then, I will wait for your decision among cranes, vegetation and psychedelia.

(Of course, you can go on reading although you have not decided between one style or the other yet, please)

The most important thing about your bomber jacket is already decided! But we have not finished yet: the details. Once the main fabrics are chosen..

3.The colour for neck, cuff and hem:

How do you imagine it: black, raspberry, denim blue or navy blue?

And the zip for your bomber jacket: golden or silver?

Do not worry about the pockets, they will match the fabric you choose.

You cannot control your excitement, right?! In less than ten days, you will be showing off your bomber jacket which is like having two in one! And when you wear, it will be worth like a thousand jackets!

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