Benefits of on-demand production


One of the things I enjoy the most about my work is being able to create garments on a slow burn, giving them the time, work and love they deserve.

My manufacturing process is based precisely on that, on working on the basis of your needs and orders.

Producing under order has a lot of benefits... stay with me to discover some of them!


Benefits of on-demand production

Offering a customized service

Having the chance to offer you a personalized service is one of the things that give meaning to my work and my creative process.

Every time I design a new garment, I do it thinking about offering you a piece in which you find that touch that makes it unique and special. A piece that allows you, in some way, to express yourself when you face the world.

Having the opportunity to listen to you and work on your garment in a personalized way gives me, without a doubt, the opportunity to make it really yours.


A sustainable method

Production on demand is the complete opposite to the fast fashion trend that is so established in our society nowadays.

The fact of producing only what is going to be consumed makes, on the one hand, the garment enjoy its real value. The aim is not to produce massively to reduce costs, but to respect the value of all the processes involved in its production and, more importantly, the work of those behind it.

On the other hand, a model based on production on demand, without accumulating stock of the garments offered, will contribute to less material waste.


The value of the garment

We are talking about the economic value of the garment, but also the personal and artistic value. For me — and probably for you too, if you are here reading this — each garment is unique, it's a way of expressing yourself to the world, it's a story.

This more abstract value can only be respected by working on each garment as what it is: an exclusive piece that goes directly from my hands to yours. Without intermediaries and without industrial processes, only with a handcrafted work and with much care.


    Pre-sale arrives to LR

    For all this, I have decided to launch the pre-order system with my new two-sided bomber jacket IRO design with YURI fabric. A 100% cotton fabric that still reflects my passion for Japanese fabrics (in another post I will talk about why this passion and all the symbolism of these fabrics ...).

    When you place an order in pre-order, it means that I will make the garment only and exclusively for you. That's why, in order to be able to dedicate the necessary time to pre-ordered products, I need a maximum of 15 working days to make your garment. Although I will always work hard so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.

    To help you a little bit, I want to offer you a 15% discount and a free mask if you pre-order between October 15th and 30th.  

    I can't think of a better way to show you this new creation than from the hand of my dear Audrey Satan, to whom I can't be more grateful for these wonderful photos and for supporting responsible consumption.  

    She is one of the supreme bosses of Girly Girl Magazine, where she dedicates herself, along with her partner, to talk about the things that they like, worry about, love or simply happen to them, always from a gender perspective. If you are not yet familiar with this project, don't hesitate to stop by her profile to — inevitably — fall in love with it.












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