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It's difficult to deny that we're living an unusual summer and that our reality is still far of what we know as "normal".  

As you know, some months ago I started to design and make mi first LR Masks (I take advantage to say you a huge thank you for the support you've given to me and for all your orders. You're the best!). The thing is that I really wanted to keep expressing all these feelings in a new collection focused on the masks, an accessory that has —and will keep having— an essential place in our new normal.

However, this time I'm doing it from a different view. From the desire to get closer to my beloved Mediterranean, from the idea of giving life to masks, of seeing them traveling through that ideal summer so dreamed by many of us.

This is how Mediterránea is born, a capsule collection that I've designed from Zaragoza, but having my mind and my heart in this nice sea and, specially, in Granada and Barcelona.

In this limited edition you'll find new designs, forms, colors and fabrics. I keep looking for creativity and design without loosing sight of comfort, versatility and diversity so you can always have the chance to choose the best options for you.

This time, an editorial made by Marta Belev (here you can see her Instagram) that gives us a full of light and summer energy pictures. The models are Julia Soler and Sergi Berbel (THANK YOU)  

As always, I hope you like it!

THANK YOU for reading me, for your support and for being at the other side. Let's enjoy the rest of the summer! :)

P.S. I've prepared a discount for you who want to buy this collection. You just need to use the code MEDITERRANEA and you'll enjoy 10% off :)













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¡COLABORA y vencerás! ¡Dindee ya está aquí!

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