Choose your own adventure!

Do you remember those little books, most of them with a red cover, in which you had to choose among different options to create your own story?

"The cave of time", "You become a shark", "Ghost hunter"...

You can see that the titles were quite clear although, as you went on reading, you could find a bad surprise in some pages. Nothing that could not be solved! You went back and tried not choose so badly and that was enough to get to a happy ending.

Why am I telling you all this? Because more than explorative hyperfiction juvenile literature (look at that!), my thing was doing EXACTLY THAT, but with the clothes I had or found. Some of my mum's clothes, my aunt's, trousers from the seventies changing into postmodern trousers, T-shirts with patches and add-ons to make them funny...

When I was in 8ºEGB (yes, I studied in the Spanish EGB system) I designed my own dress for the end of the school year. It was quite ugly: a wide-strap dress with a T-shirt underneath. But my animal spirit was already there: what I was looking for was distinction. And having fun, of course!

So today, in the middle of the 21st century, in the year 2021, I suggest something:

Let's play! As if we were in a role game developed in my atelier. Let me be your game master, yasss, or even better: your guardian in the fabric. And choose, choose and choose. In this adventure there are no traps. No decision will end up in drama! The only surprise will be unwraping the garment that we will have created together.

What I am telling you is: treat yourself and customize LR garments as you prefer!

Would you like to take a look at the different possibilities for the Heart Sweatshirt... Rainbow Sweatshirt... or even the customized two-sided bomber jackets? Please, BE MY GUEST!

And why this game?

It is not only for fun (fun for you and also for me, fun squared).

This is my suggestion for value: to give more value to a unique garment itself and that you value it more, too. Love it, spoil it, desire it. Because there is part of you in it. You can design your garment with me, choosing the pattern, prints, interior and exterior fabrics, colours of the cuffs, zippers... In short, you can give it your own twist, and MAKE IT REALLY YOURS.

Surprise me! Give it time because this is not like visiting a website, click to buy and that is all, tomorrow you will have it at your door. No. Where is the fun in that? This is completely the opposite. This is handcraft! Stop for a moment and think, get excited, hesitate and decide. And leave your preferences in my hands.

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