Sweatshirts have accosted our outfits!


LR sweatshirts are back!

Maybe this sounds familiar to you: "I've spent three days with the same clothes" ["Ya he pasao tres días con la misma ropa puesta"]. 

Ha! Three days! sings C.Tangana… and three months too, don't lie to us: Those of the last confinement. I won't say that this will come back, but don't you think that when you're stuck at home you want to shelter from the cold outside? You want to curl up in the sofa like a cat, near the crackle of the fireplace (if you don't have a real one, you'll be ok with the one you'll find on Netflix) or teleworking in front of the computer. 

So at ease... and so pretty. 

What I mean, dear reader, is:

Get comfortable, make yourself at home (where you really are)! 

This is exactly why I'm here with a new proposal, LR : KILT sweatshirts. I have to say that this garment wasn't created to be "home clothing" or "cozy clothes". No way: It was born to triumph in the street. 

In fact, my first sweatshirt hecho was born... this way: I made it last winter, it was the LR : KILT in black with red details. I really wanted to make this kind of garments, easy and classy at the same time, always looking for comfort. I think it was the garment I wore the most when I lived in Berlín. Of course, this is meant to bring memories and inspiration to mind. I'm sure this also happen to us, not only with my designs!

As I was telling you: I can already see you rocking your KILT when going to... I don't know!, to work in the store or to take a hot tea in a terrace and, suddenly, there they go the fashion lovers: 

"Hey, what about this wonder, those Japanese sleeves and those contrast and geometry? And this amazing blue? And this fabric hairy inside, so soft and wintry?". They will tell you all of this (I will give them the script) so you'll be able to say "This is from Lucía Rodríguez, of course!". (You can say that or whatever you want if you have a creative day…) 

But what I wanted to say from the beginning it's that I wanted to take advantage of this peculiar situation (and also a time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and self-gifts "because I deserve it") to reclaim the new? habit to look good at home. Not wearing that so pasty! garment that you don't want to throw into the old clothes can because you don't want to offend anyone... You know which one I'm talking about. Throw it away.

And get this one: Because LR sweatshirts are born with the Wow! effect to rock them everywhere. But if you're not going anywhere and you stay at home, there's no problem. Enjoy yourself! Fell yourself good, comfy, pretty, happy... That's the point, because that's also healthy, my friends. 

For you to join this "new vision", I give you 10% off with free shipping, from November 12th to 26th, when I'll launch the new LR : KILT sweatshirt with blue fabric. Watch out! Because if you choose it in green, you can also enjoy this promo. And... if you're suscribe to my newsletter, you'll receive a surprise too! 


I'll make it for you on-demand and you'll have it at home in a week! I hope you'll tell how and where you'll wear it. You have many option, either outdoors or indoors!





By the way! Look at the pics that Meri took to us in our trip to Menorca... I'll tell you more about the shooting and our collaboration with 2ManyFlowers in the next post!



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