Hello there!

I am Lucía Rodríguez, designer, entrepreneur and a natural dreamer. Since I was a child I have loved the process of creating with my own hands, and here I am, I am glad I can do what I love the most for a living.

Granada is where my origin is, where I come from. In Barcelona I learnt a lot and achieved important knowledge. And in Berlin I found the trust and confidence I needed to come up with my designs from the beginning.

Nowadays I live in Zaragoza and I work as I like the most: slowly and very carefully. I find inspiration in the day-to-day life, in people, in cities, in music, in the traditional work of sewing.

For me, every fabric tells a story. It is a blank canvas where you can create contrasts and shades. The possibility of showing my origin and all the places my career and life have taken me to. The opportunity of showing and practising the magic of handmade work, of combining tradition and newness.

It is freedom. It is passion. 

All the things you can find in this space have something in common: craftwork, personality and heart. From my cozy atelier, I create exclusive garments, with a unique signature, which are timeless and sensitive to the world. I create garments whose purpose is to reflect the light we all shine with.

A garment, a story.


Photo: Ruinas Romanas