I am Lucía Rodríguez and I am happy to launch this space in which I hope to get to know a little more about you and vice versa. If you do not know me yet, here I tell you a little more about me.

It would be impossible to start without mentioning the situation we all are in. These days we only talk about the virus that has arrived and has changed everything as we knew it before. However, something I cannot help doing is looking for the good in the bad.

I always try to find the positive side, I must say I am one of those people who have used this situation to think, to reorganise, to finally launch my website!

Moreover, during the pandemic, the idea of making masks came. It may seem something very simple at first sight, but very significant and a symbol of this moment we are living. . I wanted to create designs which were not typical and which made us forget the more unpleasant side of this story… I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for the great reception.

In my case, creating these types of accessories has been like going back to my origin. The truth is, now that I think about it, I have been focused on designing and tailored orders and I need to be in contact with little pieces again. The creation of LR MASKS has allowed me to go back to the beginning, to the essence, to make complements and accessories which let our imagination free.

It is a versatile accessory which can be combined in many ways, not only types of fabric, but also different designs which have different ways to wear them (NINJA and AVIADOR models), because not everybody likes the same and what is comfy for somebody, may be uncomfy for another.

Combining the different types of fabric is not an easy task! You have to take into account the aesthetic factor and also the characteristics and the versatility of the fabric… But, that is where the beauty is! In having the opportunity to develop creativity and express the collage in every mask.

In short, I owe my LR Masks collection to this strange and bittersweet time, far from being a simple mask collection, it has somehow reactivated a part of my job which I had left behind and I truly love.

I cannot thank you all enough for trusting me!

We go on and we will have more posts to read. 

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¡COLABORA y vencerás! ¡Dindee ya está aquí!

¡COLABORA y vencerás! ¡Dindee ya está aquí!

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