Checked garments can be reinvented!

To all those boys (and girls!) who like wearing checked flannel shirts without being Scottish, lumberjack or a Sunday picnic tablecloth: There are other ways of showing off your good looks without leaving you favourite geometric figure! 

Follow me for more recipes (in this case, textile recipes).
And follow me because, through the reading of this story, I am going to take you to the beautiful island of Menorca, specifically to Favaritx lighthouse.

All this story (which was perfect despite everything) started in October: four days before heading off to our desired (and also deserved, it is not that bad that I am saying it) holiday. 

It is exactly in that ongoing decompression period, before the beach break, when... Boom! My mind starts running, reactivating and creating new garments that, believe me, are better to launch inmediately before my head explodes! 

And if a new fantastic fabric comes to me... We already have an unexpected capsule collection! To organize a spectacular photo shoot during my "holiday", I only, "only", need to make all the patterns for all the garments and prototypes... So, come on, let´s sew day and night! 

This means: taking the plunge EXACTLY WHEN I was supposed to be thinking about that cocktail I was going to have in that cute beach bar. Well, it was the opposite to that!
And just like that, this hurried and inspired way, the collection was born. It boarded the plane with the last call for passengers flying to Menorca.
There are two different sweatshirts, a dress (with a spectacular triangular neckline), a scarf... and, of course, the mask!
Garments that had no name nor owners then, flying to a special place to be baptized far from my usual urban context.

And that place is exactly the one you can see in the photos: isolated from civilization, in the middle of s´Albufera des Grau, in the north part of the island, you can find Favaritx lighthouse. A spectacular lunar-like environment made of black and grey slate would be the perfect crib for my new coloured and checked creatures. I imagined them there before leaving and this way, they got their names. Allow me to introduce them... 

Drum roll...

You have the main garments of the Favaritx collection!
ZIGGY unisex sweatshirt
which you can customize as you prefer, choosing between blouse sleeves (lighter, jean-coloured lyocell) or usual rib fabric sleeves (thicker, navy blue cotton) 

Leny dress, which you can customize too! 

Vivienne sweatshirt, designed for women. (Anyway, if you want it, I won´t stop you, man!)

And two more Vivienne: the scarf (so soft!) and the mask.
It is not that bad for four days before holiday. The truth is... who is not inspired when there is a trip being planned, right?

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¡Las sudaderas han asaltado nuestros looks!

Sweatshirts have accosted our outfits!

¡COLABORA y vencerás! ¡Dindee ya está aquí!

¡COLABORA y vencerás! ¡Dindee ya está aquí!

¡Cómo han cambiado nuestros Mercadillos!

¡Cómo han cambiado nuestros Mercadillos!