Do you know what? Besides designing, sewing and never having a break, I also watch TV. And you? What do you watch on TV? (apart from dating reality programmes... But I do not judge you! So you do not have to pretend)

Of course I am in favour of fashion having a main role in the media, mainly on TV. It is obvious that I often watch programmes about activities related to sewing. Despite they don't show they way we work really, watching known faces living embarrassing and glorious moment is quite entertaining.

We could talk about the best moments of these programmes, but what I really wanted to tell you about is something that touched me. It was the documentary I watched on the Spanish programme

 "La Noche Temática: Rebelión en la Moda"

The documentary starts by remembering April 24th 2013, when the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh fell down. 1135 workers were buried under the rubble after having been exploited by the big fashion companies.


Do you remember it? It is known as the 11S of fashion. It was a turning point for the way the fashion business was being developed. For many creators and activists that stood against globalization, and for what we know now as fast fashion.

Thus was born the Fashion Revolution movement.

Since its inception in Spain, many initiatives and volunteers have worked to improve conditions in this sector.

"Peaceful revolution" that requires this industry, which enslaves workers and consumes the resources that our children and grandchildren will need, a "clean industry" in its broadest sense.

The main question is: "who made my clothes?"

If you dare to participate, through your social networks, or if you know who may be interested, I leave you this link from which you can download all the posters and images to share.

Fashion Revolution- who-made-my-clothes

Could you answer that question? Do not blame you for looking at the tags. Or do it... I do not know... What I do know is that the creatives are looking for new paths which are far from working exploitation: knitting again, using recycled materials, reusing and refitting old clothes, vintage curtains that were not chosen years ago, for example, or even using 3D printers for new tailored garments. In all the cases, with high quality local business.

All cases, proud of their local label, of course.

As LR nowadays.

And how do I practice this revolution?

One of my ways is through textile collage. I create patch panels, with which I later build a garment.

As Lucía Rodríguez since I was a kid. My passion for patchworking and fabric scraps started when I was just a kid. I remember my mum refitting some trousers or a skirt and cutting its hem which I used to take. And I did something... I started creating complements with all those fabric scraps. That is how my brand was born. (One day, if you want to, I will tell you more about those little jewels and complements made of clothes). 

I created my first collage T-shirts about a year ago. One day, having too many fabric scraps, I started cutting, sewing, trying... and it seemed I got something beautiful. A mixture of chance, designing, recycling... and of going back to that part of the work that is detailed and creative, which we sometimes forget about among patterns and big garments. 

I do not only get excited with big fabric rolls (you can see in my stories my reaction with new findings) but also with giving life to every little fabric scrap that I always have in my atelier.

This is one of my latest creations made with the textile collage technique.

In fact, I would love to share my excitement with you... and some tips to understand the quantity of garments you can create with you own hands.

Would you like it? 

Then, we have an appointment on April 10th at la Manolita (Calle Mayor de Zaragoza). Save that Saturday morning from 10h to 14h and write it in your agenda: COLLAGE T-SHIRT WORKSHOP. Let's have fun, let's create!

If for this day, you can't find a place, don't worry! that we will shortly release the date for May. But watch out! If you don't want to get lost.

Here you can subscribe to my newsletter, and thus be aware of everything that happens in LR.

Think about it: You, me, fabric scraps... As in Casablanca: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

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